What We Do ( continued)




The Ratings spreadsheet exactly as you see it on our results page. View video explanation.

The ratings spreadsheet features rated prices to a 95 per cent market, speed maps, unitised staking plan and a very detailed race overview underneath each race.

Via “Red Belly Live Info Members page” any early bets, all race day bets , replays or general info will appear automatically, so it is recommended you log in and check the page everyday and never take your eyes off it on Race day. This live page can be accessed when you login each day at the top right corner of the homepage. Click HERE to view

A results summary of the day’s betting activity is available on the website approximately 10 minutes after the last race of the day. View recent results




To make sure Members get strategies and any other information super FAST, you will have access to this dynamic, automatically updated page.

We suggest this page be kept open everyday or at worst checked on frequently so you never miss out.

This page is where you need to be every minute on raceday so you never miss an opportunity.

This page is your eyes and ears and how we communicate bet strategies, other opportunities, replays, betting flucs and parade ring information.

It is where we will also advise you when the Ratings are loaded and accessible on Race day.
No need to refresh, just login and read. It’s that simple.


*** Important note *** 

It is imperative that all Members download the Ratings at the start of the day and use them to formulate their own betting strategies.

We will pass on all our strategies on the ” Red Belly Live” dynamic information page throughout the day and sometimes the day before, so we recommend you keep the page open at all times and create a shortcut to access it FAST on your mobile or PC.