Blackbooker August 15th Newsletter

Posted on June 26th, 2014 by Red Belly Sports

This week we have just the one Blackbooker.


It’s not quantity but quality that matters.


ELECTRIFYN’.  Back on the 9th July we sat up and took notice of this one when we re-rated each race. It was at debut and did draw wide and subsequently and not surprisingly, was necked at the start and raced well back in the run. Waller does that. Surprisingly though it did actually record the best sectionals of the race ( which often means nothing), but we saw what we wanted to see from a debutant.


Following start 23rd July at Canterbury again it went over 1250 in the same grade (2yo NMW) and we were keen to watch it progress without betting. Ridden cold again and biding it’s time out the back it railed thru from 2nd last at the turn and made up a “significant”amount of ground in the straight behind a horse ( Scissor Kick) who went on to win Saturday grade next start.


ELECTRIFYN’ ran sectionals 34.50, 22.95, 11.48 again the best in the race. As I said before actual sectionals can mean zippo on their own as they are tempo reliant, but, in this case they were A grade and meant something to us. ( Not going into that further). We are looking for this one to start on a bigger track, Warwick Farm, Randwick etc at 1300-1400 soon in a similar 2yo  NMW race or even a Saturday grade event.