Kensington Track Closed 2105-16

Posted on July 6th, 2015 by Red Belly Sports




The Australian Turf Club has omitted the troublesome Kensington track ( Randwick’s Inner Track) from all racing in 2015-16 and we have a grin from ear to ear.


Red Belly has always taken a set against the Kensington track and we are glad to see the back of it … in it’s present condition anyway.


Track Manager Ramdhani said.


“The track itself looks fantastic, the grass is healthy but the roots are struggling to grow into the profile and that’s generally what the problem is.


Part of the track’s renovation has been the aeration of the Strathayr base which is intended to strengthen the root system.


“We’ve aerated the track a number of times and aeration in a profile like that is important because it provides channels for the grass to grow in,” Ramdhani said.


“We’ve also changed our fertilizer program and that provides the optimum nutrition for the plant and we’ve seen some good results.


“But it boils down to the profile, every time we think we’re heading in the right direction it just kicks back again so we’ve just got to try and diagnose that problem.