Frequently asked questions

Answers to questions most commonly asked.


  • What is Red Belly Live?
    Red Belly Live is a forum available to all Ratings and Platinum Members, but not the Raceday Files members. It is a dynamic information page where we post bets, thoughts, results betting strategies for members. We used to use SMS to deliver information ... but this page is instant, faster and better. It is no different to using messenger or Skype but to a big group and members can also post there too. We now have VOICE FILE updates posted by Ed which are brief, but are brilliant, as they deliver his thought process to you re every strategy as well as explaining the reasoning behind why he is avoiding races as well.
  • What are ratings?
    A rating or price represents the individual horse’s chance of winning.

    For example, if you see a price next to a horse of $4.00 that means it has a 25% chance of winning. (100 divided by 25 = $4.00). It is important to note it also means the horse will lose 75% of the time as well. That point is nearly always overlooked or misunderstood by recreational punters.
  • Whats the difference between Ratings and The Raceday File?
    The Ratings are where it all happens and all betting strategies are passed on via the Red Belly Live page. The Raceday Files product is more suitable for those who want the Ratings information, but who can't afford the time to bet throughout the whole day.....basically bet and forget type punters. Additional bets also occur at places like Ascot, Belmont and the Provincials.
  • When are Red Bellys products available on the site?
    The Ratings are generally available an hour before the first race, however early bets and those who we see firming will be posted on the Red Belly Live page beforehand. The Raceday Files are available 30 minutes before the first race.
  • How many days a week do Members bet?
    We operate on most city meetings, generally that’s on Wednesdays and Saturdays and some public holidays OR any other Important day such as Melbourne Cup & Oaks Day etc. Mondays, Tuesday's & Fridays are preparation days only. We don't and wont work on Sundays.
  • What is a bet unit and how much should I bet?
    Betting with an allocated bank is critical and a staking plan is equally as important. For mathematical reasons we strongly advise that a unit should be the equivalent of 1% of your bank. Therefore to bet a unit value of $100, your bank needs to be $10,000. Accordingly If you want to bet to $50 per unit, your bank should be $5,000 and so on. These values will ensure that you don't suffer drawdowns that will place you at "Risk of ruin".
  • Do you provide results?
    Yes we do and we pride ourselves on being totally transparent. Our results go up on the website at the conclusion of the days racing usually within 5 minutes of the last race. They also include how much we staked, which is rare in the industry.
  • Is it easy to achieve the results you get?
    The majority of Members have no problem equalling our results especially on a Saturday. Some find it a little difficult through the week with work commitments to always be able to get every bet on or be in a position to have access to a computer to access the best odds. Its like anything. The harder you work at it the better you get. We do find that punters who are experienced and use Betfair often advise us that they exceed our results. Regardless, its not a competition between you and us or you and another punter. Its about how well you do and what you are prepared to do to get better at it. None of us will ever get the best price every time, its not possible.
  • I have never punted before – is this for me?
    It’s true Australians loves a punt.We don't however encourage novice or inexperienced punters as Members. Our Ratings product is sourced out more by the serious and experienced end of the market. We simply do not have the time to educate novice punters unfortunately.
  • How do I know Red Belly is not making up results?
    A great question and in this industry there are plenty of people out there making ridiculous claims. The sad truth is very few actually are punters themselves and that’s why you see some very questionable results being posted. For us it’s simple: We have a great reputation because we tell it as it is and publish not only what we backed, but we do something not usually seen in the marketplace. We also publish our recommended stake. Best of all we publish then straight after the last race daily, good or bad. If the results were not real, in this day and age of social media, you would have heard otherwise.
  • Does Red Belly win every week?
    Anyone who claims to win every week is kidding themselves.Yes there are losing periods and that is clearly evident in our results archive. We do however have a proven and genuine track record as winning long term each year so far since 2006. Most recreational punters when they lose,tend to fall into some very bad habits like chasing money, doubling bets, not betting and packing up shop when short term results do not go their way. If you are one of them, then you need to correct this or refrain from betting. In a nutshell, when losing periods come along, and they will, we do not change course or strategy as we have proven year after year it’s the discipline and process we employ that proves successful not short term thinking.
    If you expect to win every week or are not able to absorb the inevitable losing periods it takes to be successful, then you clearly don't possess the right mentality for this business. You should not punt!
  • Do I need Dynamic race odds?
    No! In fact we discourage it. You can get all odds comparison for FREE at
  • Do you use social media to post information on upcoming races you like?
    Yes we use Twitter and Facebook from time to time to do this.

    If we are feeling generous and we find something good we sometimes times post that for free but at the same time we are also very mindful that our Members pay to get our service, so, posting copious quantities of free information is not generally unfair to them. Place yourself in their shoes.

    Click the Twitter & Facebook icons at the top of the page to get on board.
  • Do you have a newsletter and any free tips?
    Yes we have a newsletter and we do give away one free tip per week and sometimes we also supply a video of that horses last run illustrating how and why which we formed our decision. This has been a big hit over the years. The newsletter is emailed to you on Friday around 2pm if you are registered to receive it. To register, Click on "Our Newsletter" in the menu bar at the top of the page.