You Are Being Watched!

Posted on December 11th, 2014 by Red Belly Sports

Red Belly members have the problem where some of their accounts with corporate bookmakers get shut down or severely restricted.


That’s the sad nature of the game these days when you become a successful long-term winner.


Sometimes they are restricted before they’ve even won substantial amounts of money. Once they suspect you are doing anything intelligently, they will act.


Intelligently can mean limited bets, varying staking levels but most of all it’s consistency.


Below are some insights into the sneaky tricks bookies use to identify smart players, via the Bettingexpert blog.


They come from a senior horse racing trader in the UK, Gerald McGrath:


“The game has got a lot harder, there are so many different ways of finding out who’s betting with you via IP addresses and social media.


“You can find most punters on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter enabling you to make a quick decision if there going to be non profitable to the business long term.


“Sometimes your lucky to get 2/3 bets before your gone (restricted/factored).


“Some traders are even able to use Google maps to look at punters houses to determine if their wealthy or not, a tool a lot of traders use now. It’s a dog eat dog world.”


We are also aware of other dirty tricks used here in Australia.


Have you noticed some cooporates are now setting up and advertising free tipping competition software on their websites for you and your mates.




Thats simple. If you are identified as a decent and successful punter, all your close group will be labelled as well. It’s excellent intelligence gathering for them.


On the other hand if your group is seen to be erratic and misguided, you and all your mates will be inundated by emails, free bets an more than likely countless invitations to thecricket and footy and races.



That’s when you know for certain that you are a losing punter!


So beware, your online presence can have an impact on your ability to get on with certain bookies.