Strong Saturday For Ratings Members

Posted on June 30th, 2014 by Red Belly Sports

Red Belly Ratings delivered exceptional results for members on Saturday, with a profit of 11 -14 units across the Rosehill and Sunshine Coast meetings.


Members were instructed to back the following winners:


Skip Town ($14 rated a $6.50 chance)

Hopfgarten ($7 rated $4.80)

Alma’s Fury ($4.60 rated $3.30)

Miss Cover Girl ($3.80 rated $3)


Ed also sent members the following text message before the first race at the Sunshine Coast:


Sunshine Coast Race 1 Pay big attention to #5 AVALADYLUCK #1 DISCREET #3 LITTLE BROWN HORSE As this market evolves


Members who did this and followed the staking instructions on the ratings sheet would also have backed Little Brown Horse ($6.50 rated $5.50).


That boosted the day’s profit to 14.31 units for members who were alert and paid attention to the ratings sheet.


A profit of 14.31 units equates to the following cash amounts:


For a $50 per unit punter – $715.50

For a $100 per unit punter – $1431

For a $500 per unit punter – $7,155


We urge all members to pay full attention to the ratings sheet and spot overlay opportunities on their own, as so much can happen as the betting market evolves in the final few minutes before a race.


It’s is benefical for members if they are able to use the Red Belly Ratings data to make their own betting decisions, and not just rely on our SMS service.

**Note: individual unit returns will naturally vary, depending on the odds obtained