Serious Allegations At Cobalt Hearing Today

Posted on June 9th, 2015 by Red Belly Sports

Senior personnel at the Flemington Equine Clinic have denied threatening trainer Sam Kavanagh with bankruptcy if he named the company as the source of a cobalt product.


Co-owner Dr Tom Brennan and the manager of the practice, Aaron Corby, have appeared before a Racing NSW stewards’ inquiry into an elevated cobalt level found in a swab taken from the Kavanagh-trained Midsummer Sun after he won the Gosford Gold Cup in January.


Brennan said they had not provided Kavanagh with two bottles of “Vitamin Complex” and was backed up by Corby.


The substance in the bottles was analysed and found to contain high levels of cobalt.


The evidence of Brennan and Corby contradicts that of Samantha Potter, an employee of the practice interviewed by Racing NSW stewards.


She said she had sent the bottles separately by express post and recorded the transaction in a notebook which was now missing.


Corby denied threatening Kavanagh with bankruptcy over a $70,000 debt owed to the practice and also denied telling the trainer to get rid of his mobile phone and computer.


Corby flew to Sydney from Melbourne a day after Kavanagh was notified of the cobalt test but said that was coincidental.


Kavanagh has told stewards he paid $1000 cash for each bottle.

(As reported by AAP )