Red Belly Form Tip – Find Your Edge

Posted on December 9th, 2013 by Red Belly Sports

Any successful professional will tell you that you need an “edge” before you can make a profit.


For instance, I have established an extensive amount of data over a long period of time which gives me a good edge on the market.


This data has enabled me (and subsequently our Red Belly members) to post strong profits every year since 2004.


Thoroughbreds are my domain and I specialise predominantly in Sydney & Brisbane.


I do not ever have a bet on a greyhound, pacer etc. as I know, even with all the experience I have, I do not have an edge there.


Why only two States?


As so much has to be done behind the scenes to produce accurate data and prices to bet off, there is no way an individual could accurately upkeep data and get to know the traits of each animal in more than two states, in my opinion.


I largely avoid Melbourne and have long been of the opinion that something is not right in that arena.


I first raised the question in 2006, after reviewing data over three states for a few years and noticing strange trends occurring in Melbourne that did not occur in either of the other two states.


As you should, I waited a while until my data sample was large enough before airing my concerns.


Finally people are starting to listen and believe, as prominent Melbourne jockeys are being suspended or having their licences revoked.


But wait… it is far from over, there is more to come, trust me!