Red Belly Fires First-Up in 2014

Posted on January 15th, 2014 by Red Belly Sports

Red Belly has hit the ground running in 2014, making a profit of 7.78 units on Wednesday’s meeting at Canterbury.


Our form expert Ed Kennett advised members to bet into four races, and came up with two winners at very attractive odds:


All Cerise ($11 rated a $6 chance)

Agnon ($8.50 rated a $6 chance)


In the other two races we invested into, our selections were unplaced.


For those who aren’t familiar with unitised betting, 1 unit is equal to 1% of your betting bank (eg. If your betting bank is $10,000, 1 unit is worth $100).


A win of 7.78 units equates to the following cash amounts:


For a $50 per unit punter – $389

For a $100 per unit punter – $778

For a $500 per unit punter –  $3,890


At Red Belly, we combine quality ratings with a selective wagering strategy to produce consistent long-term profits for our members.


We don’t bet unless we believe we have an edge, so on some days our betting activity will be relatively quiet.


We don’t bet for the sake of betting, we bet to win. Click here to go to our Products page.