Members Rewarded With Another Great Result

Posted on July 3rd, 2014 by Red Belly Sports

Red Belly Ratings delivered another stellar profit on Wednesday’s Warwick Farm meeting, with members winning between 10 and 14 units.


It follows Saturday’s exceptional return where Ed personally collected more than 14 units, making for an overall winnings of more than 25 units over two days of betting.


A profit of 25 units equals the following cash amounts:


For a $50 per unit punter – $1,250

For a $100 per unit punter – $2,500

For a $500 per unit punter – $12,500


On Wednesday, members backed four winners:


Never Back Down ($26 rated $15)

Rebel Dancer ($9.50 rated $5.50)

Good project ($5 rated $4)

Uratta Belle ($4.60 saver bet)

Paederos ($7 saver bet)


These results are a reward for members who have kept their head and not over bet during what has been a lean year to this point.


Many punters are unable to maintain their discipline during these times because they view a lean trot as a burden.


Intelligent punters who stick rigidly to a tried-and-tested strategy view a lean run the opposite way.


For those who understand the maths behind betting, lean runs just mean the laws of probability and variance are at play. ( sometimes off course poor judgement , bad decisions, or no luck in running)


Put simply, if you have an approach that works (as ours has for 7 years), stay calm when tough periods strike, and keep doing what you know is successful.


We know our approach works, that’s why we never panic, and you shouldn’t either.


**Note: individual unit returns will naturally vary, depending on the odds obtained