How We Attack Races

Posted on January 26th, 2015 by Red Belly Sports



One of the most frequent questions we get asked by prospective members is ”why do you back multiple horses in races?”


The answer is simple – because we have a proven strategy that is profitable over the long-term.


Backing multiple runners in a race increases your chances of getting a return on investment.


While we will regularly back just one horse in a race, in many races we will execute a strategy that includes backing multiple runners.


This is because most of the time there is more than one legitimate chance to win any given race.


When you bet with ratings, every horse in the race is alloted a price, which can be converted into a percentage.


For example, a $2 chance occupies 50% of the betting market (the market percentage column is located next to our rated price in the example above).


By backing multiple horses at what our ratings show to be value prices, we can cover a substantial percentage of the market and maximise our chances of a return – be that a profit, or the return of our stake via a saver bet.


In the example shown above (The Alinghi Stakes), we have backed 3 horses, outlaying 2.22 units, with a variety of returns:


Anatina + 2.34 units (saver, return of our stake)

The Messina Nymph + 6.22 units

Nicamorae + 11.28 units


By backing those three runners, we had 62.17% of our betting market covered (market framed to 95.47%).


We managed to find the winner – The Messina Nymph – giving us an return of 6.22 units.


The return minus our original stake (6.22 – 2.22) gave us a profit on the race of 4 units.


This is what we regard as intelligent betting, and our results prove it is highly effective, producing serious profits for a long period of time.


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