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Note The SMS service mentioned in the vision above has been replaced by “Red Belly Live ” … a live feed to your phone or PC.


On Betting Days, Ratings members need to…


Login to access the Ratings spread sheet View up to date Examples
as well as “Red Belly Live” our dynamic live feed info page. The login area is located at the top right  of the homepage.

You will receive a notification on the “Red Belly Live” page when the Ratings are loaded and accessible as well as, any early bets, plus further betting strategies throughout the day. Further information such as market flucs, parade ring commentary and changes to track conditions and bias will also be fed through the day.

The Ratings spread sheet will be loaded approx 30 minutes before Race 1 in the exact format as you see it on our results page. View video explanation below

The ratings spreadsheet features rated prices to a 95 per cent market, speed maps, unitised staking plan and a very detailed race overview underneath each race.

A results summary of the day’s betting activity is available on the website approximately 10 minutes after the last race of the day. Click to view results archive

Ratings Explained