Good Results From Tricky Meeting

Posted on July 28th, 2014 by Red Belly Sports

Red Belly Ratings completed a great week for members by delivering another solid profit on Saturday’s tricky meeting on the Kensington track at Randwick.


The ratings delivered three wins from three bets:


Reigning ($7 rated a $5 chance)

Paederos ($8 rated $6.50)

Blademeister ($4.60 saver bet)


Here’s what the new comments on our ratings spreadsheets had to say about the winners:


Reigning – Has been on my radar for 2 weeks and wasn’t suited last start at all. It finally gets to 1800m now and that’s better, in fact, another 200m and it would have been better again.


Paederos – We see it as an improver with upside. Last start it seemed to be given little chance by the jockey really. I see it going forward here and will be right in the finish surely!!


Blademeister – Was well back in that race (behind Testashadow) and found the line pretty strongly. It appears the 1600m will benefit it better than Statton, despite finishing behind it last start. The timing with this one is good.


As always, the level of profit achieved is directly related to how hard members are willing work to find the best price.


Best results are obtained by using Betfair along with a range of bookmakers.


The harder/smarter you shop for price, use averaging, and watch the markets evolve, the more units can be won.