Form Tip – Avoid Setting Targets

Posted on November 20th, 2013 by Red Belly Sports

I have read all sorts of rubbish about so called pros setting daily targets, then walking away once they are achieved.


What a load of rubbish!


Setting targets promotes chasing, and also can mean missing out on capitalising on those great days.


The great god of probability will engage the rules of standard deviation when he sees fit.


It can’t be predicted, although there are studies of the effects over large samples.


In a small sample (say 30 days), that variance can come in the form of one step forward and three quarters of a step back, or 50 steps forward and 20 steps back.


So if you stop at a set target, then any mathematician will tell you that your ridiculous, ill-thought-out ideas are totally flawed.


Formulate your opinion prior to the actual mechanics of betting OR trading take place.


Trying to study form between races ‘on the run’ is not possible, and leads to quick, irrational and speculative betting that will not finish anywhere near profitability, or break even.


Red Belly Ratings are ready before race one, so all you should be doing is making investment or trading decisions from that point on, nothing more.