Betting Intelligence – Structure Your Betting Day

Posted on February 13th, 2015 by Red Belly Sports

Trying to study form ‘on the run’ between races is madness.

It opens you up to making rash and uninformed decisions that always lead to losing over the long-term.

It is vital to do the bulk of your form analysis before your betting day begins.

All you should be doing from a form point of view once the races start is:

• Monitor horses in the mounting yard

• Look for any track bias in the early races

• Keep an eye on weather patterns

Every other aspect of your form analysis needs to be ready as early as possible.

That’s why we always do our best to post our ratings before race one, as it means all our members have to do is identify overlays and shop for prices.

Our form expert Ed Kennett keeps an eye on the race day variables mentioned above, and will send any relevant information through via SMS.

But you should always have in your head the horse or horses you will be looking to back, before the actual process of betting or trading begins.

Between races, turn the television down or off.

Hearing the ‘Late Mail’ from tipsters can steer you into a bet you never planned to make, or worse, it can make you doubt your own analysis.

Form your opinion and stick to it.