Are You A Mug Punter?

Posted on January 29th, 2014 by Red Belly Sports

If you bet with corporate bookies, in particular the ones that saturate the media with inane advertising and offer deposit bonuses with ridiculous terms and conditions, then you’re kidding yourself.

All of the members who follow our betting advice to the letter have eventually been barred (or at the very least have had their accounts seriously restricted) by the majority of the corporates.

If you don’t lose your money to these guys, then you’re not viewed as a viable client for their business.

The NSW and Victorian TAB Fixed Odds services are better, but even they have begun restricing bets.

Almost all of the corporates aren’t interested in taking substantial bets from serious punters, that’s why all of our fair dinkum members use Betfair.

On Friday, our form expert Ed Kennett will post a detailed video on how he bets with Betfair, which will include the way he averages his bets and also the software he uses.

Red Belly also provides members with multiple ‘crush’ opportunities, by advising members to take an early price about a horse that we are confident will firm in betting.

The term ‘crush’ refers to backing a horse at the top of the market, and then using Betfair to lay (ie. back it to lose) that runer after it has firmed.

By taking advantage of these ‘crush’ opportunities, members are able to either lock in a free bet or a guaranteed profit on a race before it has even been run.

If you don’t have a Betfair account, then it’s near impossible to be a consistent winner on the punt.