ABOUT red belly SPORTS

The public perception of racehorse ratings/tipping services is overwhelmingly negative.


It’s a perception we are determined to change, and we are, one happy member at a time.

We are not like any service seen before, we have done particularly well over a large sample of years, consistently giving great returns to members. Naturally there are and will be neutral and also negative periods. No person regardless of ability can avoid those.

The fact is, our business was never really meant to exist, it only came about because form expert, Ed Kennett, was inundated by requests from clients in a previous venture to make his betting markets commercially available.

Ed decided to set up Red Belly, but promised to place one principle above all else – total transparency.

That’s why we publish all of our results, including ratings sets, prices taken and our staking strategy and any other relevant details.

By being totally accountable with what we do, our goal is to prove to the sceptics that winning on the punt over the long term is achievable if you have access to premium quality information. We make excellent profits for our members year in, year out.

We like to view Red Belly as an exclusive club; a select group of punters able to profit consistently by utilising what we believe are the highest quality ratings in the country.

Ed and his dedicated staff spend around 80 hours a week analysing race replays and conducting re-rates to ensure our members receive the best available data.

At this point, we must stress that the best quality ratings and selections in the world are no help to punters who lack discipline and patience or are not prepared to work towards the common goal. If you don’t have those attributes, then our service probably isn’t for you.

We work closely with our members to help them become better, smarter and more sophisticated punters who win regularly, many of whom have made video testimonials that can be viewed on this website.

Note: We have a ” No Dickheads Policy “ at Red Belly, that is strictly enforced.

Footnote: Please do not insult us by requesting a free trial, we have nothing to prove!

We publish all our results transparently and whilst we have done particularly well over a long period of time, losing periods can and do occur. (Refer to past results). Traditionally bad punters cannot handle any period of loss. They and panic, chase, give up, bet down etc. If that is you, we can’t assist you, no one can.