7 Steps To Bet Selection

Posted on May 16th, 2015 by Red Belly Sports

There are plenty of ways to analyse form, but many aspects are non-negotiable if you want to find consistent winners.


Below, Red Belly form expert Ed Kennett provides a simple, 7 step strategy to help punters find a winner.


1. Draw up a speed map, and while doing so get a feel for where the speed horses are engaged.
That will assist you with step 2.


2. Determine if the tempo is likely to be fast, solid, even, slow or very slow.


3. Ascertain what the ideal in-run position will be given that tempo prediction (i.e.) Slow = On speed, Fast = 5 – 6 lengths off etc.


4. Determine if that position can be attained easily or with energy having to be spent.


5. Work out which of those horses likely to be in the “right zone” posess the following attributes:


– Are fit or nearing peak fitness


– Are racing on their preferred surface


– Are on the way up in this preparation (less than 6 starts approx. for sprinters or < 8 for stayers)


– Preferably up slightly in trip from their previous start.


– Didn’t have a tough gut-buster last start.


– Have a capable jockey.


– Have a more than capable trainer.


6. Will that horse/s, find the right zone or part of the track in the straight, that in the past produced the majority of winners, given the rail position.


7. Back those horses!! or if the race fails to present any, STAY OUT!


When you break it down it makes good sense and it is not as difficult as it may seem at times.


Keep it simple punters.